Harley Arthur Dickinson, a 72-year-old teacher, has been charged with three felonies: sexual interference, sexual exploitation, and sexual assault. The Didsbury RCMP detachment members received a report in December 2021 that he had sexually assaulted his students in 2015. An investigation into the case commenced, and he was eventually arrested in front of a judicial court.

He was then freed from detention after the judicial hearing, ahead of his scheduled appearance in Didsbury provincial court on April 11. He was released because he did not possess weapons or be in any area that engages people under 16. Investigators invite anyone who has been assaulted in the past to come forward.
A Calgary teacher has been arrested. Because he is tarnishing the sacred profession of teaching, He is tarnishing the reputation of professors by instilling mistrust in students’ minds.

The police have revealed the physical structure of the Calgary teacher. He has a light complexion, grey hair with partial balding, weighs 159 pounds, and stands 5′ 8′′ tall. The Didsbury RCMP has also issued a photo of Dickinson in case he was using an alias. If anyone can identify him, it will help others. He’ll also poll the public to see if anyone knows anything about the investigation.