Matthew Tomkiewicz, a U.S. Marine, was killed in a plane crash during the NATO exercise drill. American citizens have come forward with their gratitude and condolences to the lost one.

America has been mourning four heroes who were tragically killed in the plane crash during the NATO practice drill. The 27-year-old captain was one of the members to have the hands-on yoke.

The marine from Fort Wayne, Indiana, took part in the exercise drill called “Cold Response.” Unfortunately, Matthew and his three colleagues could not make it past the training.

Obituary: Who Is Matthew Tomkiewicz? Captain Death In NATO Drill

Matthew was an experienced pilot captain who was often described as a charmer with his personality. Apart from that, he used to work as a student naval aviator.

He was a dedicated man with an idea to learn, grow, and build the structure of US Marines. However, the untimely death of the marine has baffled the internet with sorrow.

Matthew, alongside the late captain Ross Reynolds was together flying the MV-22B Osprey as a NATO exercise drill. However, due to unidentified reasons, the plane was crashed on the South of Bodoe.

Presently, the Americans embrace all the sacrifices and achievements achieved by the captain for his county. The true nationalist, Matthew, may be dead, but his vision of US Marines lives behind.

Meet Matthew Tomkiewicz Wife: Married Life Disclosed

The marine captain, Matthew, was a tough cookie to crack regarding his wife and family details. They are deeply shocked by the news and do not want to be bothered by the media.

On the other hand, Matthew was not parenting any children. He was focused on creating a family in some time. However, he surely made his parents and country proud with his service.

Matthew Tomkiewicz Death News: Facebook And Instagram Reaction Explored

Being a military, Matthew was not intimated with social media and is not present on any form of it. However, his death news is something that has covered the news site and social media.

Matthew received a lot of gratitude and respect from the American citizen. They are 100 percent sure they lost a brave son of their motherland.

The four soldiers were retrieved from the crash site and transported back to the U.S. to be reunited with their families. The investigation is going on, and the bad weather is believed to be the reason for the accident.