Juan Larrinson Castro Estupián, alias ‘Matamba,’ is a fugitive from prison regarded as one of today’s most dangerous drug traffickers.

Juan Larinson Castro Estupinan, alias ‘Matamba,’ who would have been alias ‘Otoniel’s right hand,’ was back in the news after it was revealed that he would have escaped from La Picota prison in Bogotá, where he was being held on charges of conspiracy to commit a crime for homicide and extortion, among other things.

He even went over all of the armed factions throughout the Colombian conflict’s history.


Who Is Columbian Cartel Boss Juan Larinson?

Juan Larinson Castro Estupián, often known as ‘Matamba,’ is one of the most dangerous drug traffickers today. In May 2021, he was apprehended during a police operation in Bucaramanga.

Major General Jorge Luis Vargas Valencia, the director of the National Police at the time, stated that this was a work that took time and surveillance by intelligence personnel and “thanks to information within the organization.”

When he was caught, the authorities offered a reward of 500 million pesos.

Castro Estupiñán Flees Prison -Video Footage Revealed

According to Justice Minister Wilson Ruiz on Twitter, Juan Larinson Castro Estupián, alias “Matamba,” escaped prison on March 18 by dressing up as a security guard and going through several security checkpoints.

Matamba was the previous commander of Cordillera Sur, a drug trafficking gang centered in Nario’s southern department and a branch of the Urabeos criminal organization.

Matamba, dressed in a uniform, is shown strolling by cameras and checkpoints in video footage supplied to the media from the prison. When prison officials did a daily headcount in the wing where he was confined, they detected his absence.

In much of Nario’s southwest district, Matamba had a tight grip on drug trafficking. He was a close ally of Dairo Antonio Suga, alias “Otoniel,” the former Urabeos commander who was apprehended last October after a multi-year manhunt.

Matamba was linked to cocaine deals with the National Liberation Army (ELN), dissidents from Colombia’s now-demobilized Revolutionary Armed Forces, and the Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico, according to investigators.

Matamba was apprehended in Santander’s central department on May 7, 2021, on charges of homicide and extortion, among other things.

Juan Larinson Jail Sentence

Juan Larinson had spent more than 20 years as a criminal in western Colombia’s Nario districts.

He was a member of the Farc in the 1990s but afterward joined the criminal group ‘Clan del Golfo’ under the supervision of ‘Otoniel,’ according to his illegal file.

According to official investigations, the individual was in charge of 10% of the illegal crops in the eastern region and commanded around 140 men.

He was also imprisoned 14 times and would have assassinated several ELN members over a territory dispute.

The United States has requested that ‘Matamba’ be extradited for narcotics trafficking charges. 

Meanwhile, he was sentenced in the country for drug trafficking, manufacturing, carrying, or possessing guns, and conspiracy to conduct a crime, among other offenses.