Who Is David Novak, Ken Dolezsar Murder and Arrested Charges explained: Recently, David Novak, a convicted fraudster was charged with recruiting a contract killer to assassinate a hockey coach in 2007. After this incident, a random guy who promised to fund his $1.9 million documentaries about his life in prison was brutally shot in the parking area of a Sandy Village Inn. He decided to make some documentaries on him and showcase his life to many people as much as possible. But the documentary and films made on him could not even be made. Because he died as we mentioned above. Some say that her husband’s hand was behind this whole case. But this was just an assumption, the reality is yet to come. She claimed that Novak paid Eugene Christopher Wright $25000 to kill her husband in a complaint filed in the 3rd District Court. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Who Is David Novak?

According to the sources, David was a criminal in the eyes of the courts. He was found guilty in the case of mail fraud and transmitting phony distress signals in 1996. Many times, he does some nasty work in the eyes of courts, officials, and police which are not tolerated. Even in crimes also. Following this, he was sentenced to jail for faking his own death in an aircraft accident, as per Sandy Police officer which was again untolerated and sent him to jail for many years.

But some others claimed that Novak didn’t fake his death. He came to the situation where he has to leave the plane for repairing a new engine, file a phony insurance claim and go through some plane checking. But this is just a statement that passed some random people in favor of him. Cops need to verify whether this statement is true or not.

Moreover, Novak worked a year in a detention center in Florida. He decided to write a book explaining his experiences when he was present there and create a consultancy service for white-collar offenders on the verge of going to prison.

Ken Dolezsar Murder and Arrested

According to the officials, David Novak was a white-collar criminal advisor and create a hype to provide some services to Kenneth Dolezsar for months before he passed away. Novak assured Dolezsar that in return for $1.9 million, he has to put her Dolezsar wife’s in 27 months in jail for tax evasion on his demand. The cash that was left to his wife was to use in making a documentary called Downtime as per lawsuit. The law was intended to serve as a guide for persons who were about to enter a prison camp. But his documentary was not successfully made because he was arrested and charged for forcefully hiring a contract killer.