Model: Who Is Dipika Dutt aka itspikaaa TikTok? Learn about her age and Wikipedia in the article below.

Dipika Dutt is a social media star. She is well recognized for her TikTok content. Not only are her videos informative but creative too. Likewise, she seems to be a Basketball enthusiast as she mostly posts about basketball.

Dutt has recently been in the spotlight after Myles Turner asked her to Dinner.

In this article, you will get an insight into Dikpika Dutt’s life. Thus, here is everything you need to know about her.

Model: Who Is Dipika Dutt aka itspikaaa TikTok? Age & Wikipedia

Dipika Dutt is a TikTok star. Having started her account in 2020, she now has amassed a huge fan base. With thousands of followers on her social media handles, Dutt is an influencer too.

Born in 1997 in the United States, Dipika is currently 24 years old. She celebrates her birthday on August 30 each passing year.

People having Virgo as their zodiac sign are humble, practical, and hard-working. Similarly, Dutt has all of the aforementioned qualities.

Dipika Dutt has not graced the official pages of Wikipedia yet. However, her recent ‘comment’ conversation with Myles Turner has been covered by various websites and News Portals.

Not only is she a well-known TikTok model, but a talented basketball player too. A River City High School graduate, she played 14 games in her senior year. With an average of 2.5 points per game, she had 0.7 assists too.

Further, Dipika is active on Instagram and TikTok as @itspikaa. You can follow her on her social media sites, and stay updated about her life.

Myles Turner To Lakers Video Controversy

As the news about the Lakers being interested in Miles Turner trade surfaced on the internet, fans are looking forward to seeing him play for the club. Likewise, Dipika asked Myles to “come to the lakers” through the comment section of his post.

The NBA player also replied by asking Dipika to Dinner. However, things took an unexpected turn when the TikTok star agreed to go to dinner with him ‘when he is on the Lakers.’

The back and forth replies between Dutt and Turner have taken the internet by storm. While Turner has again negotiated for the Dinner Date with 10k likes on his videos, Dutt has countered with an offer of 20k likes.

Whether the two of them will grab dinner together or not is currently undecided. You can go through their TikTok videos to stay updated.,