An extremely loved doctor, Dr. Koboka is allegedly shot at his surgery. Netizens say it’s a huge loss to the medical fraternity.

Reports surrounding the shooting at Dr. Kokoba’s surgery have left the people living near him in grief. The entire community is mourning the loss and is asking for justice for the noble personality.

Twitter is filled with tributes for the general practitioner showcasing their rage towards the killers. Let’s get into the details on the deceased and the unfortunate incident that happened today.

Dr. Koboka Shot To Death At His Surgery

Dr. Koboka was in his general surgery just like any other day when the thugs came straight into his place. Reportedly they robbed him and shot him to death out of the blue and left.

This not staying well with the Twitterati. It is a huge question mark to the security system of that place if a bunch of thugs can barge into healthcare and shoot the main person.

On the other hand, it is still not known if the robbers have any kind of enmity towards the doctor or were they pickpocketers or robberies whose target happened to be Dr. Koboka today. The authorities are likely to investigate the case and release the name of the suspects while the web is going crazy over the incident.

Dr. Koboka Wikipedia

Dr. Koboka is a general surgeon who operated his own surgery in Soweto Diepkloof zone 5, South Africa. He was one of the most loved practitioners of that area which can also be concluded from his reviews on his site.

The tributes he has been getting say that he was the best doctor in the area he practiced in and the loss was not limited to that area only but the entire country. When a doctor passes away and the public feels for him like their own family member, it actually says a lot about the goodness he had in him.

Dr. Koboka’s real name was George Koboka but he was not featured on Wikipedia. Similarly, there is very little known about his educational qualifications and career graph.

Who Is Dr. Koboka’s Wife?

Dr. Koboka’s wife is certainly devastated by the shooting that killed her husband. However, she has not surfaced on the internet and media and her statements have not been recorded. There is little no information available on the doctor’s children and family.