Genevieve Mora is an eating disorder and OCD activist from New Zealand. She is the co-founder of Voice of Hope along with the 2022 Dance with the Superstars winner Jazz Thornton. 

For their efforts on suicide prevention awareness through their group, Voice of Youth, the social activist was recently acknowledged by Forbes magazine and is included in Forber 30 under 30 Asia alongside Jazz.

Her own fight with an eating disorder and OCD prompted her to become an outspoken crusader. She frequently recounts her personal experiences and how she overcame her diseases to live a healthy and happy life.

Mora is one of New Zealand’s emerging stars in the field of mental health and OCD awareness. She has become a role model for young people in her home nation and around the world. Learn more about the eating disorder activist’s personal life.

Who Is Genevieve Mora?

Genevieve Mora, together with dancer and Dancing with the Superstars New Zealand winner Jazz Thornton, co-founded the suicide prevention group Voice of Hope.

Mora is also a co-founder, alongside Hannah Hardy-Jones, of Love Your Kite, a global eating disorder resource group. She is an eating disorder campaigner who struggled with anorexia as a teenager. The company was formed by the two in the mid-2020s.

With her buddy Jazz Thornton, Mora and Thornton co-authored the 2021 book, My Journey Starts Here. The book is a guided notebook that can be used to improve one’s mental health.

The mental health advocate was also named to Forbes’ Asia’s 30 Under 30 list. She and Jazz Thornton were chosen for their contributions to Voice of Hope, which they started in November 2016.

Meet Genevieve Mora Fiance Izak Holder

Izak Holder proposed to Genevieve Mora in June 2021, and she accepted. At Ansell in Auckland, he is currently the Senior Territory Sales Manager. The couple intends to tie the knot in 2023.

Izak spent three years as an area sales manager at Portwest and three years as the national sales manager for West End Collection. In the Auckland territory, he is a dedicated and influential sales manager.

Genevieve recently released a picture of the two on Instagram in April 2022, announcing that they want to marry in 2023. She also stated that starting in 2023, she will be known as Genevieve Holder.

There was no evidence that Genevieve Mora was related to Jim Mora, a New Zealand radio host. Jim is the host of Afternoon with Jim on Radio New Zealand. The only thing that connects the two is their shared surname and the fact that they are both from New Zealand.

Genevieve was born on September 19, 1994, and is a young icon. She is one of New Zealand’s most active social activists. She was honored for her contributions to suicide prevention programs.

With her friends Jazz and Hannah, the 28-year-old runs counseling and awareness initiatives on a daily basis.