Who Is Jackie Moon, All About Will Ferrell’s Character Warms Up with Klay Thompson



Who Is Jackie Moon, All About Will Ferrell’s Character Warms Up with Klay Thompson: The netizens are currently searching about Jackie Moon. The question “Who Is Jackie Moon?” is in the top-search feed. Your desire to know the answer to this question brings you here. The Golden State Warriors are a little understaffed at the moment, with wounds to the likes of Draymond Green. On Tuesday (8th March 2022) against the Hornets, it seemed as though they had drafted a new player. Though on closer inspection it comes up to be none other than Will Ferrell. Who is Jackie Moon and where is the character from? Continue to read to know more. Follow More Update On Princekallz.com

Jackie Moon: Will Ferrell’s Character 

Before the game of Warrior against the Charlotte Hornets on Tuesday night, Jackie Moon alias Will Ferrell joined the team to warm up. Moon was the punch-pumping the likes of Klay Thompson and Steph Curry prior to getting some shots up. He was watched giving Curry some pointers from the free-throw line, and then, rather remarkably, nailed a logo shot. After making the shot, he allegedly stated: “Well, it is what I do. I make those in my nap.” He then jested: “I am under contract. So this is the very first tryout with the team, let’s wait and watch what occurs.”

Who Is Jackie Moon?

While many admirers along with players, were in awe, some individuals wanted to know who Jackie Moon is. So the answer is Jackie Moon is a fictional character from the year 2007 film “Semi-Pro”, and is played in the film by Will Ferrell. Jackie Moon is the coach, owner, and also player for the fictional Flint Tropics of the American Basketball Association (ABA). In the movie, Jackie mobilizes his teammates to make their NBA dreams come true.


Even though the film is 14 years old, Ferrell comes up wearing the vintage-style jersey of Moon, short shorts along with signature headband, the latter of which even Klay Thompson has adopted.

Klay Thompson Is A Big Admirer 

Klay Thompson is actually a big of both Jackie Moon and the movie Semi-Pro. In the year 2018, Thompson drained an NBA record of 14 3-pointers played against the Chicago Bulls. After the match, he stated he took inspiration from the movie Semi-Pro. Thompson stated “I seemed like Jackie Moon out there, so I was feeling good. He is one of my favorite characters in all sports films, so that is probably why I broke the record.”