Jacob Oulanyah was married to Winnie Amuao Okote, with whom he separated in 2016. Continue reading the article to learn more about their relationship and how it came to an end.

Agricultural economist, lawyer, and politician Jacob Oulanyah represented Uganda in the 11th Parliament of Uganda and served as its speaker until he was officially declared dead on March 20, 2022, according to information that has surfaced on the internet.

The news shocked many of his well-known associates as well as his family.  This is a truth that they refuse to accept. There has been a lot of buzz about his sudden death, and it has come as a huge shock to those who are serving his country. On the internet, many of his followers were inundated with messages of condolence and remembrance.


Who Is Jacob Oulanyah Current Wife?

Jacob Oulanyah was married to Lady Winnie Amuao Okote. He and his wife have children, but the names of the children are unknown. His wife served as Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives.

There was a good relationship between them up. However, some disagreements between them have had an impact on their overall relationship. His wife, on the other hand, played an outstanding role in his life.

No matter, whether he was in an undesirable situation or an advantageous situation, she was there to assist him at all times, regardless of the circumstances. She was always in his immediate vicinity, ready to give him a push-up in his life.

Winnie Amuao Okote Divorce – Children And Family.

Ms. Winnie Amuao Okote, the deputy speaker of Congress, has admitted that she tried everything she could to make her marriage to Jacob Oulanyah a futile.

He was the father of two daughters with his wife. When he separated from his wife, he did not receive custody of his children. In exchange for advance notice, he was permitted to pay visits to the children.

Amu stated that she would respect her husband’s wishes and allow him to proceed with the divorce. She was looking forward to divorce because she needed to get away from all the stress and she would comply with his wishes,  Amoo said in an email correspondence with New Vision regarding Divorce Petition No. 49 of 2015, which was filed on July 22 in the Family Chamber of the Kampala High Court by Omoro County Councillor Oulanyah.

She confirmed that he had seen the petition. She, on the other hand, denies allegations that she abused Oulanyah’s eldest children and caused him to be in a state of emotional distress. Instead, she stated that she felt obligated to care for her family alone in the United States of America.