Who is Jayana Tanae Webb? Suspect Arrested In Crash That Killed 2 Troopers – Age, Instagram, and, more!: Recently, a piece of news came out on social media that a 21-year-old kid has killed two police officers and a pedestrian. She was recklessly driving last night and fatally killed the people. Cops have arrested her and they imposed the charges on her. Officials have been charged with three counts of third-degree murder, homicide by vehicle, and DUI-related charges in a crash that killed two state troopers and a pedestrian on I-95. Follow More Update On Princekallz.com

Who is Jayana Tanae Webb?

Last night, The 21-year-old kid was driving recklessly and she was driving out of her mind. Suddenly, two police officers were chasing her to stop the car but she didn’t listen to them. After that, when they stopped the car in front of her. She drove the car over both of them. She was driving at a very high speed and fatally striking all three men.

The next day, when the troopers taking to jail. Webb’s head was down all the time. She didn’t talk to anybody. She was very shameful of what she did and now she was regretting it. She wears sweatpants and a hooded sweatshirt when she was being taken to jail. She just completed her graduation from the Norristown Area High School and now she did the wrong thing. Now her career and her life all were destroyed. It was not known how long the cops will keep her in jail until the court decision is not announced.

Jayana Tanae Webb Arrested

Cops have detained her in jail and they are putting strong and strong charges on her so that in the future she remembered this day. On social media, she was bragging in the live stream where she says how good I am at driving but her bragging takes her to jail. And now she is not worth showing anyone’s face.

Jayana Tanae: Age and Instagram

Talking about her family details, so it was not known yet. We can’t fetch her family details as the cops do not want to bring the family in the middle of this case. If they put it, then her family will be disgraced and the media will reach out to them asking the typical type of questions and so on. So, they don’t want to put her family in the middle of this case. After all, it was her mistake, so she will suffer. Nonetheless, the charges have been filed, troops take good care of her. Let’s see what happened next.


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A 21-year-old kid was driving recklessly on the roads. Now she was in jail. She has been charged with three counts of third-degree murder vehicle homicide and DUI Related offenses. Last night, she killed three people. Two were the troops and one was civilian. If see on some news channels there was a video came out which shows she was led out of the Pennsylvania State Police Troop K Barracks in handcuffs belonging to the deceased troopers.

She was suspected of murdering two Pennsylvania State Police Troopers and a pedestrian on i-95. The whole incident was occurred on March 21, 2022, nearly about on Monday when she drove like an idiot. Many say she was out of her mind. She’s just accelerating the speed and running on the roads without caring about anybody. Even many called her mad. But she didn’t listen to anybody and just drive it.

When she was driving the car recklessly, two troopers saw her and gave the signal to stop her car. She didn’t respond to them but when she was out of control troops were chasing her and trying to stop her car but their attempt failed. And she flung the troops into the northbound lanes by Webb’s car. In that incident, she was charged with third-degree murder, homicide by vehicle while under the influence. Also, second-degree manslaughter of a law enforcement officer, driving under the influence, and other offenses. That night, officers found out that she was fully drunken in which they put double charges on her. The victim was identified as Tropper Martin F Mack III, 33 Tropper Branden T. Sisca, 29, and Reyes Rivera Oliveras 28 of Allentown.

This news has been widely viral on the internet. On Reddit, YouTube, Twitter platforms everybody was talking about her. She was very famous these days. The media was covering her on every news channel, on every site where they can take to her. Many people were asking about her parents. How they are so careless to give their personal vehicle to the little kid. Regarding this, we didn’t have any information. We couldn’t find any information regarding her family. We don’t know what their parents do and how many members in their family. If any news was came out then we will definitely inform you or just update this article. Until then follow this site.