Dr. Jonathan Levine is a cosmetic dentist, prosthodontic specialist, oral health expert, author, social entrepreneur, and visionary innovator. We shall learn about Jonathan Levin’s age and net worth in this post.

He has been a prominent dentist and prosthodontist in New York City for about 30 years.

Dr. Levine provides a complete approach to oral health that combines beauty and function.


Dr. Jonathon Levine Age -How Old Is He?

Jonathon Levine’s age is unknown as of 2022. Based on his photos, we may infer he is in his 50s.

Dr. Levine is an Associate Professor at the NYU School of Dentistry and is as dedicated to medical advancements to his patients at JBLNYC, located at 923 Fifth Avenue in New York City.

Dr. Levine, a national key opinion leader in oral health, is the Program Director of the Advanced Aesthetics Program in Dentistry at NYU CE and believes passionately in mentoring the future generation of dentists.

He has a Doctor of Medical Dentistry degree from Cornell University, a Microbiology degree from Boston University, and a Postgraduate Prosthodontics degree.

Dr. Levine is also a Member of the American Academy of Prosthodontics, Boston University Goldman School of Dentistry, and a Board of Advisors.

Dr. Jonathon Levine Net Worth -How Much Does He Earn?

GLO Science was founded by Jonathon Levine. He is also a well-known dentist. His net worth has not been publicly disclosed, although his earnings are millions.

Dr. Levine created GLO Science Inc in 2011, providing patients with some of the most sophisticated advancements in oral care since the toothbrush.

Dr. Levine is responsible for updating the way individuals whiten their teeth and see the health of their mouth since she holds ten patents and sixteen patents pending in oral care. Three Thomas Edison Awards for excellence in invention and design have been bestowed for his goods.

Dr. Levine is an Associate Professor of Dentistry at NYU and the Program Director of the Advanced Aesthetics Program in Dentistry at NYU CE.

Dr. Levine regularly donates his professional expertise to humanitarian groups and projects.

He launched the GLO Good Foundation, which develops oral health projects in marginalized people worldwide. He also serves on the boards of Foundation Rwanda, which assists the children of the 1994 genocide, and Health Corps, a national service and peer-mentoring project, to name a few.

Dr. Jonathon Levine Family

Stacey Levine is Dr. Jonathon Levine’s wife. Dr. Jonathan B. and Stacey Levine, a husband and wife power couple, were motivated by a vision that the world would be better if we could all smile more. They have committed their lives to providing more individuals with the confidence to do so.

The Levines bring together a rare blend of knowledge in research, clinical oral health care, and luxury beauty as business partners, entrepreneurs, and benefactors.

They are committed to improving lives via the power of the smile through GLO Science and the GLO Good Foundation.