Jorgiarosefitness, a fitness TikTok star is said to have PCOS. Let’s find out more about it.¬†

Fitness has been one of the crucial subjects currently. With the busy lifestyle, people these days have been more into fitness. Thus, many fitness instructors are booming.

Jorgiarosefitness is the TikTok user-focused on fitness. She has over 1.4K followers as of March 2022 and accumulated about 46.8K likes. However, she has kept her account private.


Video: Who Is Jorgiarosefitness? – Wikipedia Bio

Despite keeping social media private, Jorgiarosefitness has gained fame on the web. Her Wikipedia bio detail is not found to a great extent. However, she is into fitness and shares the videos.

Her body seems toned, and the clips of her having exercise could be seen on the web. There is a video of her celebrating her 25th birthday as well. She is a pretty woman who seems to put an impact on other lives.

Fitness is a need in the current business of lives. Many people, follow such instructors and could admire them. However, many fitness instructors help others share their fitness stories.

Meet Jorgiarosefitness, TikTok Star With PCOS – Reddit Reaction

Jorgiarosefitness has put “PCOS Sufferer” on the bio of her Instagram account. Reddit users have reacted to her PCOS declaration on her bio. PCOS stands for Polycystic ovary syndrome.

It is a condition in which the ovaries produce an abnormal amount of androgens. The symptoms may include, infertility, obesity, and Acne. May she overcome the suffering.

Learn About Jorgiarosefitness Age & Real Name

Going through her Instagram page, we can see her name mentioned as Jorgia and her age to be 25 years. Not only her TikTok account is private, but she has kept her Instagram account also private.

One has to send her follow request to follow her activity on her social media, if only she accepts the request one will be able to access her activity. If she ignores then there is no possibility to see her activities.

Her Instagram account is under the username @jorgiarosefitness, where she has got 10.7K followers and 346 posts as of March 2022. She seems to be a secretive person.