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Kayce Smith is a sports reporter, broadcaster & host. She is also a multi-media personality at Barstool Sports and previously worked for ESPN and NBC.

Kayce Smith began her career as an analyst and radio host at her University’s blog and news resource TexAgs. She worked at Fox Sports and Atlanta Hawks as a sideline reporter in March 2014. 

Moreover, she has worked for ESPN and SEC Network as a sideline reporter. Then she started to work for NBC Sports Boston as a TV personality and host. 

Finally, in 2018, she landed the position of sports broadcaster for Barstool Sports, Manhatten, New York.

Kayce Smith Sister Ally Elaine Smith

Kayce has a younger sister named Ally Elaine Smith. The two sisters share a special bond as she is pretty much her best friend.

Ally Smith is an American chef currently residing in Austin, Texas. She was passionate about cooking in her early days and grew interested growing up.

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The chef also has published her cookbook named Seasoned To Smile. It is not just a regular cookbook, but rather, it is a book for a cause. It is a tiny cookbook where proceeds go to delivering groceries and cooking classes for foster families and children. 

A certain percentage will be issued back to foster kids and families with the money made from every book purchase. 

The two inseparable sisters go on hiking trips and parties and are vacation buddies. The date of birth of Ally is not known.

Thus, looking at the photos in Kayce’s Instagram posts, the sisters seem to be at least two or three years apart. Though they might have a vast age gap, they are similar to twins, always by each other’s side.

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Kayce Smith Family

Kayce was born in Arlington, Texas, to her loving father, Ron Smith, and mother. Her father has been one of her biggest supporters since her early days.

On his Twitter account, he tweets about her daughter’s accomplishments. She has not, however, revealed the identity of her mother.

Her family belongs to a Caucasian ethnic background. Moreover, she lost her grandmother back in 2016. She was very close to her.

Kayce Smith’s Net Worth

Kayce has not disclosed her net worth yet. She earns her income through sports broadcasting and being a TV personality and reporter. However, after working in the sports journalism field for nearly a decade, she has garnered considerable attention.

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Through her various sources of income, she has been able to accumulate a good fortune but prefers to live a modest lifestyle. 

Looking at her hardship and stability, she will gain more recognition and net worth.

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