Who Is Kevin Roby?

Kevin Roby is a violent criminal who was convicted of murdering his sisters and later killed a fellow in prison. He was an Air Force Academy dropout who was sentenced to life in prison at the age of twenty-three for the murder of a member of his own family.

The first victim was his sister, Velmalin Hill, who was reported to be kidnapped. When detectives arrived at her mother’s home, Roby was the one who said he had witnessed the kidnapping.

He provided the details of the incident, which was not convincing for the detectives. Later they found Hill’s body in a large trash can. She had died a very brutal death. She was sexually assaulted twice and choked.


As a result, Roby was charged with murder and convicted on one count each of murder, sodomy, and two counts of rape in a non-jury trial in May 1988, writes The True Crime Data. 

Additionally, he was also found guilty of assaulting another sister and was sentenced to life in jail without the possibility of release. Thus, judging his dangerous crimes, he was taken to the supermax institution when Pelican Bay opened in December 1989.

There, he joined the other 40% of the inmate population receiving life sentences for a variety of severe offenses. As time passed by, he became interested in Satanism at some time during his captivity.

He was influenced by it to such an extent that he had forgotten his previous beliefs and even called himself a Satanic Christ.

Actor Lloyd Avery II Death By Cellmate Kevin Roby

The death of popular Hollywood actor Lloyd Avery II was caused by his cellmate, Kevin Roby. Correctional guards at Pelican Bay State Prison entered one of the shared cells on September 6, 2005, and discovered the corpse of the actor.

Roby had struck and strangled the former Hollywood star after performing what looked to be acts of ritualistic devotion with the dead body of his cellmate. However, he was dead two days before the police found his body.


Following that, many questions remained unanswered regarding how the prison guards had failed to detect or realize that a terrible murder had been committed in the cell by a prisoner who had a sickening criminal background.

Moreover, the crime’s purpose is as startling since it looked to be a Satanist-led ritual pact.

Where Is Kevin Roby Today?

Kevin Roby is spending his sentence in prison today. He was sentenced to life in prison without any chances of parole in 1988 after brutally murdering his two sisters.

Then, in 2005, he committed another crime by killing Lloyd Avery II. In 2021, a podcast was released where he explained his crimes and life. Netizens could listen to the podcast on Youtube as well, where they can learn about the criminal’s viewpoints on his actions and beliefs.