Mark Braddock is the man who confirmed to the FBI his intimate relationship with the famous Todd Chrisley.

Chrisley Knows Best is an American reality television show that airs on the USA Network. It premiered on March 11, 2014, and will return in June 2022 for a ninth season. It chronicles the life of Todd Chrisley, a Georgia real estate mogul, and his wealthy family.

Todd Chrisley, of the show, is involved in a legal dispute, and the case involves some huge people. Everything we know about it is listed below.

Pictures: Who Is Mark Braddock?

Mark Braddock, a former employee of Todd and Julie Chrisley, testified in court on Monday that he and Todd Chrisley had a close relationship after informing the FBI he committed bank fraud on their behalf.

Braddock claimed he met Todd Chrisley, a reality star on trial for bank and tax fraud, in the early 2000s at a school function for their children and became friends two years later when they lived in the same region.

He also claimed that he tampered with paperwork in order to help the Chrisleys secure loans. When asked why he would commit fraud for Chrisley, Braddock told prosecutors, “I was engaging in getting him what he needed.”

Todd Chrisley Gay Affair With Business Partner Mark Braddock

According to a court hearing, Todd Chrisley had a homosexual connection with his business partner, who supported him in committing fraud before reporting him to the authorities once their relationship ended.

The reality TV personality, 53, dated Mark Braddock in the early 2000s before splitting up with him, according to a court in Atlanta. Braddock added that the two stayed friends and created a brotherhood after the affair ended.

Things blew over in 2012, according to Insider, when Chrisley shoved him out of his office and threatened to call the cops on him. Julie has been the TV personality’s wife for 26 years, and they have five children together: Lindsie, Kyle, Chase, Savannah, and Grayson.