21-year-old Tuskegee native Marquavius Lee Debro shot and murdered Reginald Tyrone Summage Jr, a student of Tuskegee Univerity.

Chief Jennifer Jordan came out to the podium once again to disclose the chilling news of the demise of a 20-year-old football player. She admitted that aggressor Marquavius Lee Debro got into a physical altercation while the victim Reginald Summage tried to subdue the onlookers.

The assault broke out in response to a verbal dispute that ignited at a party and continued outside. Summage got mistakenly shot and lost his life for a crime he did not even commit.

Arrested | Who Is Marquavius Lee Debro- Did He Murder Reginald Summage?

Marquavius Lee Debro, a resident of Tuskegee, Alaska, got arrested after he got exposed to being the killer of Reginald Tyrone Summage Jr.

In the press release given by the police department, they informed responding to a call reporting of a shooting at the Washington Plaza parking lot. After the cops arrived, it was nearly midnight as they came across the body. 

Although the paramedics arrived at the scene, there was not much they could do as he got pronounced dead.

The next day, police brought in Debro for questioning and arrested him for killing. As of consequence of his heinous crime, he got sent to the Macon County Detention Facility with a bail of 150k dollars.

Marquavius Lee Debro Age And Wikipedia- How Old Is He?

Marquavius Lee Debro is a 21-year man native of his hometown Tuskegee, while his sufferer was of Montgomery. 

As the suspect got recently captured, his personal information remains hidden from the public.

On the other hand, the authorities revealed the name of the innocent as the Tuskegee University football player.

Indeed, he was prominent at the Golden Tigers’ football team as Director Jordan Benson personally unveiled his connection. The deceased played as a wide receiver, graduating from Jeff Davis High School.

Who Are The Parents Of Marquavius Lee Debro- Does He Have Any Immediate Family?

Marquavius Lee Debro has yet to speak about his family, and they seem to be keeping a safe distance from the trials. 

On the other hand, the casualty was a construction science management major and a role model for all his peers.

He was one of those rare gems who managed a star-studded football career and got honors on his academics. The institution also expressed their grief in losing one of their children to an act of violence.