Who Is Mika Melatika and Why was Her YouTube Channel Terminated? Explained: In the modern era, people are earning through the digital media platform and Youtube is of the most used social media platform to earn money. In covid 19 pandemic so many individuals lost their job, and was not able to fulfill their basic needs. As a result, we already knew that so many humans died due to covid 19 as well as starvation. Here we are informing our viewers that a lady who started a youtube channel when the whole entire world was suffering against covid 19. Let’s check the details about the YouTuber Mika Melatika ahead in this article below and also find out why she has become the talk of the town. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Who Is Mika Melatika?

According to some sources, Mike Melatika is more a lot of attraction because of her youtube channel. According to sources her channel that is on YouTube has been terminated. Because she violated the guidelines of Youtube. Now, this has become the talk of the town. It is not hidden from media and users that this channel became very popular in a very short tempo because of inappropriate types of content which were broadcast on her YouTube channel. After the termination of her channel, the subscriber will be felt sad as they would not get to enjoy those content.

Why was Mika Melatika YouTube Channel Terminated?

Some of the sources claim that Mika created her account on July 13, 2021. since the creator of that channel, Mika Melatika was uploading these types of content that bothered the guidelines of YouTube, eventually, it terminated. it is done on May 9, 2022. When some of the users got to know that this account is terminated by YouTube, he said how could it have happened. There is no need to be in an illusion.

We are reflecting light on the truth, YouTube sent the notice at a very early stage in that she had to narrate the exact cause of her content which was broadcast on her YouTube channel, but she did not answer any notice, even though she continued to post such content on her YouTube channel. In the end, Mike’s YouTube channel got terminated by YouTube. This YouTube channel had 150K subscribers on her channel. If we talk about numbers of subscriber that sound impressive. It’s a tough task for those who come from a famous background but she is not from a famous background. However, she wanted to get more followers on her YouTube channel unfortunately she will not carry forward it.