Nasser Kalache, an Australian real estate agent, was arrested for conducting the syndicate as drug labs. Let’s find out more about his grow house and fraud scheme. 

Nasser Kalache is an Australian real estate agent who allegedly has been misusing the Covid relief rental properties for cultivating cannabis for many months. In particular, Nasser got arrested on March 23, 2022, for cultivating cannabis in drug labs.

Further, police accused Nasser Kalache has directed the syndicate as drug labs in the following months. According to the police department, he has used the people’s names to obtain Covid rent relief payment for hydroponic drug labs.

Who Is Nasser Kalache? Arrested For Grow House And Fraud Scheme

Nasser Kalache is a real estate agent from Australia, where he got arrested on March 23, 2022, for growing cannabis in the house during the Covid situation. Further, he has allegedly been involved in a fraud Scheme as he misused the Covid rent relief payment.

Further, he allegedly misused his position in the property industry, where he encouraged the client to grow cannabis in the covid rent relief house.

In addition, he reportedly has robbed the government’s money by missing the money which was supposed to go for needed people.

Investigation Update: Is Nasser Kalache Going To Jail?

Nasser Kalache got arrested on March 23, 2022, and charged with many offenses. Nasser Kalache is in police custody at the current date, where he has appeared in the Fairfield Local Court on March 24, 2022. Many people wonder if Nasser Kalache is going to jail.

In particular, police have charged him the multiple offenses, including directing criminal activities, cultivating cannabis, and involving in the fraud scheme. However, the court has not announced the judgment at the current date.

Nasser Kalache Age Explored

Nasser Kalache’s age falls between 40 to 60 at the current date looking at his physical attributes. However, his exact date of birth is still missing from the internet. On the other hand, many people have searched for his family details on the web, which is unavailable at the current date.

He has not received bail from the court, where his two other real-estate friends are also in police custody. On the other hand, police have been doing further investigation for more evidence.