RIVA Solutions CEO Naveen Krishnamurthy, estimated to be in his 30s, has a net worth of no less than a million dollars.

Indian descent Naveen Krishnamurthy became a recognized name in the industry after instituting his company RIVA Solutions. 

Indeed, his innovations are customer-based as their policy is to make lifelong bonds with their clients. 

Besides, his wild explorations and profound insights have made him one of the top names in Silicon Valley.

CEO | Naveen Krishnamurthy Age And Wikipedia- What Is His Nationality?

The age of Naveen Krishnamurthy remains mysterious, but we expect him to be in his late 30s. Even since he was a child, he dabbled in science and technology and followed the path of innovations to make a difference in the mundane world.

Indeed, he got the blessing of his parents to enroll in the University of Maryland to get a BS and BA in Finance and Economics. He went back in 2003 to finish his MBA in management.

Not only that, but he has also trained in Georgetown to get a certificate in Social media and the government.

Does Naveen Krishnamurthy Have A Wife Or Partner- What Is His Family Status?

Naveen Krishnamurthy is the father of his two children, Mia and Rohan. There is no doubt that the father dotes on his offspring as they are often out in exotic locations. 

Indeed, he is the type to make time out of his busy schedule to incorporate them into his days. The father finds himself being childish in the company of his kids, making them his friends.

It seems like his missus is out of the pictures as he seldom talks about her. 

As of 2022, the net worth of Naveen Krishnamurthy is still under review, but we estimate it to be in the millions. He makes his living by operating as the CEO and founder of RIVA solutions Inc.

His career began after he got a job as a web developer to the CACI International Incbut left to join Booz Allen & HamiltonBooz as a consultant.

At the dawn of the millennium, he got better opportunities with Commerce One and Aquilent but didn’t last long. He ventured into PCI InvestmentsPCI and Sphinx Solutions as a board member until opening his company in 2009.

Meet Naveen Krishnamurthy On Instagram

Naveen Krishnamurthy is available on stage with the account handle naveenk22, where he has 1.3k followers.

He bridges the communications gap with his employees as he keeps them updated about his daily schedule.