Who Is Nondumiso Husband And Why Did He Kill His Son And Himself? Video On Facebook Trending!



Nondumiso’s husband  Xolani Nhlebeya killed his son by hanging him before taking his own life recently, the video is trending on the internet as of now. Follow the article till the end to learn more. 

Nodumiso’s husband-to-be Xolani Nhlebeya is trending on the internet recently after he killed the couple’s son by hanging him to a ceiling fan and later ending his own life. The drastic step was taken by Xolani after he found his fiancé Nofumiso was cheating on him.

Many of the readers might confuse Nodumiso with Nondumiso Tembe and Nondumiso Jozana but there is no exact confirmation. She seems to be a different woman from the well-known actresses with the same name.

Let us learn more about Nondumiso’s husband and take a closer look at his death and cheating allegations.

Nondumiso’s husband killing their son and himself video is trending on Facebook and on the internet as of now.

The video of allegedly Xolani Nhlebeya is circulating on social media platforms where he is seen hanging his little boy about age 6 to 8 years old by the ceiling fan.

Xolani, the father of the boy is seen crying and explaining his gruesome act on the video. He also expressed his intention of killing himself afterward.

Neighbors discovered two lifeless bodies of father and son from the house after they went on the check after hearing loud crying of a baby from the house.

The video is explicit and is sure to send chills down the spine of viewers, we cannot post the video on this webpage as it violates several terms of our policies but it is available on Twitter and other websites in abundance.

Nondumiso’s finacé killing their child video was shot in darkness and it is not much clear but we can spot the child hanging while he takes his last breaths and a man crying and explaining.

Nondumiso Husband Xolani Nhlebeya Cheating Allegations

Nondumiso’s husband Xolani Nhlebeya has alleged Nondumiso of cheating on him.

According to a Twitter user, Xolani had also tried cheating on Nondumiso back in 2018 with her biological sister, but he could not do it as he loved her very much.

Similarly, the family was hit hard by the pandemic as Nondumiso and Xolani both lost their job, creating more pressure among them according to Opera News.

The truth behind the cheating allegations has not come to the surface and Nondumiso has not made any comments regarding the recent incident, she must be devastated and broken at the moment.