Omar Zahed Was Shot To Death

Tarek Zahed, the gang’s national sergeant-at-arms, and his brother, Omar Zahed, were shot several times at Bodyfit Gym on Parramatta Road just after 8 p.m. Tuesday, as previously reported.

In addition, Omar Zahed could not be saved despite the fact that both guys were treated on the spot. Gunfire struck one in the head, while the other was hit in the stomach, arms, and leg.

Omar, believed to be in his twenties, was shot many times before passing out due to cardiac arrest. Meanwhile, Tarek, the oldest brother, was shot ten times in the body, including the head. On Omar’s Facebook page, friends have offered condolences, hinting that the bikie boss’ brother has died.

Tarek Zahed Brother Shot To Death Sydney Shooting News

Moving on to death shooting news in Sydney, Tarek Zahed is in serious condition at Westmead Hospital reportedly. According to NSW Ambulance Inspector Kevin McSweeney, both patients, Tarek and Omar, had experienced severe blood loss and one of them had gone into acute cardiac arrest when they got on the scene.

Despite their best attempts, paramedics were unable to save Omar, who died on the spot. After a $1 million reward was set on the head of the high-profile Commancheros member, individuals close to Zahed warned him to change his customary routine.

Besides, on Tuesday night, two automobile fires were reported in the southwest Sydney neighborhoods of Berala and Greenacre. It is unknown if they are connected to the shootings at this time.

Explore Omar Zahed Murderer’s Arrest Details

According to police, investigations about murderers into Omar Zahen’s shooting are ongoing, and Parramatta Road near Auburn has been closed.

The public is warned to stay away from the area. Officers from the local command are collaborating with the Raptor and Criminal Groups Squads of the State Crime Command.

The shootings on Tuesday night follow the assassination of underworld mafia boss Mahmoud “Brownie” Ahmad late last month. In 2016, Ahmad was sentenced to prison for fatally shooting a guy outside a Condell Park smash repair business. The 39-year-old was slain after leaving an associate’s residence at Greenacre at 9:30 p.m. with a $1 million bounty on his head.

Tarek was arrested earlier this month as part of these investigations and accused with two charges of violating a severe crime prevention order.