Quentin Dolan, James Dolan’s son, is a fitness model and trainer. Learn more about Quentin; keep reading this article. 

Quentin Dolan is an American fitness model and trainer. In addition, he is the current Director of Madison Square Garden Entertainment.

James Dolan Son: Quentin Dolan Age

Quentin Dolan is the son of James Lawrence Dolan, the executive chairman and CEO of Madison Square Garden Sports and Madison Square Garden Entertainment, and the executive chairman of MSG Networks.

He is currently 26 years old, according to some online sources.

However, his date of birth is currently unknown, and he is believed to have been born in 1995, based on his current age.

Is Quentin Dolan On Wikipedia?

At the moment, he is not mentioned on Wikipedia.

However, as a Director at Madison Square Garden Entertainment, his biography may be found there in the future.

Curious viewers will discover more about him after his information on his life and career is published on Wikipedia.

Meanwhile, his father, James L. Dolan, has a Wikipedia page to learn more about Dolan’s family.

Who Is Quentin Dolan Girlfriend?

We spotted Quentin with a girl by his side who is his girlfriend, according to an Instagram post he made in 2019.

Sofia Bianchessi, a New York City native, is her name. Sofia is a Wilhelmina model, athlete, interior designer, fashion florist, and food connoisseur.

She is a fitness nut at heart and a compassionate, curious, and adventurous individual.

However, we are unsure if they are dating or married in real life cause Quentin has not revealed anything about Sofia online.

His target audience would know everything about him once he has exposed his relationship with Sofia.

His Family Net Worth

Quentin is a fitness model and personal trainer, as we well know.

He has not yet made public his earnings or net worth. As a result, he makes a living as a personal trainer.

He must be making a good living as both a fitness model and a trainer.

He is also the son of American businessman James Dolan, who has a net worth of $2 billion according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Meet Him On Instagram

Quentin is known online as @quentin.dolan on Instagram.

He has 1,282 followings, 61.2k followers, and 98 posts on his account.

Other than the gym, it appears that he enjoys other outdoor hobbies such as fishing, shooting, and watching bull riding, as seen by his Instagram posts. He seems to be a dog lover as well.