Quenton M. Brown is the brother of famous professional basketball player Jaylen Brown who plays in the NBA for the Boston Celtics. Read more to find out about the personal life of Quenton.

If you follow the NBA closely, you might have seen Jaylen Brown in action. His brother Quenton M. Brown is also very athletic. But unlike his brother, he did not choose basketball as his primary choice. 

Quenton plays American football; he joined the North Texas Mean Green Football in 2013. He came into the public’s eyes where he released a video on mother’s day with his brother Jaylen. Many people have been appreciative of the performances made by the brothers.

Who Is Quenton M. Brown?

Most people know Quenton M. Brown as the brother of basketball star Jaylen Brown. Quenton is a football player who joined the North Texas Mean Green Football team in 2013.

Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States, he grew up in a very athletic family. With his brother creating a lot of headlines every week with his performances, he was always far from the media spotlight.

Quenton’s family had a sporting history before Jaylen as well. Their father used to be a boxer at a professional level.

How Old is Quenton M. Brown? Who Are His Parents?

Born on the 4th of April, 1992, Quenton turned 29 years old. He celebrated his 29th birthday on the 4th of April, 2021. He is more senior among his parents’ two children; his brother Jaylen turned 25 this year.

Growing up in Michigan, he was introduced to sports from a very young age. His father, Marselles Brown, is a very accomplished boxer who managed to earn the title of 2016 WBU World Champion. 

His mother is named Mechalle Brown. She is the proud mother of two very athletic children.

Is Quenton M. Brown on Wikipedia?

No, Quenton M. Brown does not have a personal Wikipedia section. But he gets a mention as Jaylen Brown’s brother in the Wikipedia section of Jaylen.



Quenton has not earned as much fame and success as his brother has managed to make, but he is very supportive of his younger brother. The two still share a very brotherly relationship.

Their togetherness was seen when they collaborated for a video during the pandemic. The brothers joined hands to create a mother’s day-themed video as the sports were off.

How Much is Quenton M. Brown Worth?

There is no information about Quenton’s net worth or his profession. The basketball star’s brother is still under review; we will inform you when his net worth is available. 

Jaylen Brown, however, is worth somewhere to the south of $4 million. He is one of the most well-paid basketball players in the world. He has a lot of his career ahead of him, even if he is only 25 years old.