The Biography of the well-known radio broadcaster Alhaja Kaola has been amplified all over the Internet. Recently, she was caught up in a Twitter Scandal. Let’s find out about the details.

Alhaja is a renowned Nigerian personality who is a fabulous radio broadcaster. Apart from the radio as a career, Alhaja is also an entrepreneur.

She runs one of Nigeria’s biggest communication stations. Being an experienced radio host, Alhaja uses her experience to grow her brand “Kaola Communications.”

On top of that, Alhaja’s Tours and travel company is determined to make the nature-rich country, Nigeria, a tourist destination. However, the dedicated personality is reported in a scandal on Twitter.

Radio Broadcaster Alhaja Kaola Biography: A Look At Her Career

Alhaja does not need an introduction to the Nigerian entertainment industry. She has been a part of consistently making a fun day at work as a radio host.

However, she is a secretive person and does not like to share much about her career and personal information. As mentioned above, Alhaja is also a businesswoman with two successfully running businesses.

She started her radio career more than a decade ago and has been flawless in keeping the people smiling with words. Alhaja has been in a tough situation, which tends to keep her away from her professional life.

Alhaja Kaola Viral Video On Twitter: Scandal Explored

Internet and social media have always been a place of rumors and scandal. Twitter has erupted with the scandal of the Nigerian radio host, Alhaja Kaola.

The explicit content of Alhaja was released on Twitter by a Twitter user. However, the video has been deleted from all forms of social media. But can you undo a thing on the Internet?

Alhaja’s intimate relationship with a man has been surfaced on the Internet. She justified that the video is believed to be uploaded by her ex-husband.

Alhaja is forwarding the process of legal action against the video and uploader. The controversy has been scaled one of the biggest Nigerian entertainment industries.

Meet Alhaja Kaola On Instagram

Due to the bad media, Alhaja’s presence in social media is an inevitable secret. However, her scandal news has been spread on social media like a fire in the hash.


However, Alhaja is using the power of social media to fight against critics. A video of her explaining to the netizen about the incident has been viral on Twitter after her scandal was released.

Alhaja is receiving a lot of positive feedback from the Internet. She is happy that the public could hear her story out. Many social media users are calling out the accuser.