Who Is Radonda Vaught? Vanderbilt Nurse found guilty on death of patient – Age, Husband, Instagram, Family, and, more!: In the medical field, the doctors or nurses need to be very careful while treating the patient as their one small mistake can become a big problem for them. One such nurse faces the charges over the death of the patient. A jury on Friday, (25th March 2022) convicted former Nashville nurse, RaDonda Vaught of criminally negligent slaying and abuse of an impaired adult after a medication error contributed to the demise of a patient in the year 2017. The jury deliberated for estimated 4 hours in a trial closely watched by medical professionals and nurses from throughout the country, several worried about the case of Vaught which could set a precedent for medical errors directing to criminal charges. Follow More Update On En.news7pm.com

Who Is Radonda Vaught?

The 38-years-old, Vaught was indicted in the year 2019 on 2 charges, reckless slaying, and impaired adult abuse, in the demise of Charlene Murphey at Vanderbilt University Medical Center just after the occasion of Christmas 2017. Jury selection in her trial started on Monday. Criminally negligent slaying is a lesser included charge of reckless slaying under state law. The 75-years-old, Murphy passed away at Vanderbilt on the 27th of December, 2017, after being injected with the wrong drug.

Vanderbilt Nurse Radonda Vaught found guilty on death of patient 

Murphy was supposed to get a dose of Versed, a sedative, but was instead injected with vecuronium, which left her not able to catch the breath, stated by prosecutors. Vaught informed reporters after the judgment was read that “I am just relieved that this portion of the process is over. I hope that they (the family of Murphey) are also just as relieved to be moving away from this process that has been conducted in the legal system for 4 and a half years. I hope that they are able to discover peace with the resolution of this process.”

Radonda Vaught: Age, Instagram, Husband, Family

Nurses viewed from the gallery, too. Several of them wore scrubs to court. They traveled from throughout the state and the country and stated they wanted to both support Vaught and make clear their concern over the fallout of the case. They were peacefully animated in the courtroom gallery. Some, like Rebecca Ray, spent her time crocheting a blanket. Ray stated Friday morning prior to the judgment was read that “She came in innocent and she will leave innocent, no matter what the jury says.” But prosecutors argued the actions of Vaught alone were beyond the normal scope of a mistake or an accident.

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