Safie Khaled is the beautiful wife of popular basketball player Wayne Ellington and this couple has been admired by several people.

People are eager to know about the relationship between Safie Khaled and Wayne Ellington as they are always on the media.

After he began his relationship with beautiful Safie, there have been several talks going about them and they are raising the bar high.

Who Is Safie Khaled? Wayne Ellington Wife

Safie Khaled has been in a marital relationship with Wayne Ellington for several years as of now.

We do not have exact information about them tying the knot together but they got to say I do on a lavish wedding ceremony as per the source.

Also, she had been the mother of two children with Wayne before tying the knot as their first child was born in the year 2017 and second in 2019.

Similarly, Wayne has been very much supportive of his wife and loves her more than anybody else as their couple has been a matter of envy too.

How Old Is Safie Khaled? Her Age

Safie Khaled seems to be around 30-35 years old age as she seems to be of the same age as Wayne.

Although we do not know the exact birth date of Safie, her spouse is currently 34 years old and we assume her to be of the same age.

Also, she must have completed her education at an early age and might have been involving herself in the profession of her likeliness and passion.

Moreover, raising her family and giving time to her work also, she seems to have been managing the work and personal life balance equally.

Find Safie Khaled On Wikipedia

Safie Khaled is not present on Wikipedia as of now but we can find her name mentioned on the Wikipedia bio of Wayne.

We are still figuring out what actually is her profession as there has been some news about her being a model on various internet mediums.

Besides, she was in a romantic relationship with Wayne for several years before tying the knot to each other and she has been his biggest support system.

Is The Family Of Safie Khaled Present On Instagram?

No, we cannot find the family of Safie Khaled on Instagram as of now and she is not present on it either.

She must be very close to her family as she seems to be a loving and humble person who might have a very close bond with every member in her family.

Also, she must have been very grateful to her parents as well other family members for providing the required support for her to achieve success.

We can get to know more about her through the Instagram handle of her husband Wayne, @wayneellington where he constantly shares about his partner.