Sam and Louise Thompson are the reality TV stars, the siblings are charismatic, organized, and affluent people. Both Sam and Louise are talented individuals who are likely to make new inroads in their lives. 

Sam and Louise are the cast of Made in Chelsea which explores the extravagant lifestyle of the cast their travels, relationship, and culture. It seems to showcase the rich and lucrative lifestyle of the people.

Moreover, Sam and Louise had led a grandeur lifestyle which is shown in their reality show, their itinerary had appealed to thousands of fans. Let’s explore more about Sam and Louise Thompson, their relationship, and family details.


Meet Sam and Louise Thompson

Sam and Louise Thompson are siblings, Louise being the elder one. She is born on March 26, 1990, in South Kensington, London. Also, her brother Sam also was born in the same neighborhood.

Likewise, Louise graduated from ‘Downe House High School’ it is also likely that Sam also went to an affluent high school. Both of them seem to be popular in their college and school days. However, Sam was quite shy and kept to herself.

Furthermore, Louise is a talented person who has a master’s degree in geography from ‘Edinburg University’ she was able to make the right friends who were able to socialize and be eccentric.

Sam and Lousie Thompson Dad

Unfortunately, the details about their father are not disclosed much, but he seems to have left their mother and lives with his girlfriend. They seem to be much closer to their mother rather than their father.

Sam and Louise’s father has not made appearances in the show. Nevertheless, they do share a good relationship and compassionate bond.

Sam and Lousie Mum and Siblings

Sam and Louise’s Mum is Karen, and Karen’s children are only siblings. They seem to be very close to each other. Karen had also appeared in the show Made in Chelsea.

She always seems to think about the well-being of her children and supports them throughout their endeavors.

Likewise, Louise also seems to be engaged with her long-time boyfriend, they seem to share a passionate bond. Also, they seem to have a son together.

Meet The Family On Instagram

Sam and Louise are quite popular on Instagram with 1. 4mil followers respectively. Both of them seem to post about their personal life, travel, and brand placement.

Therefore, Sam and Louise Thompson’s Instagram handles are @samthompsonuk and @louise.thompson respectively.