Who Is Serhiy Perebyinis? Ukrainian Man shocked after to see the death of wife and kids via viral Twitter photos: Probably Serhiy Perebyinis is the unluckiest man at this point in time as he handed off the lives of his entire family in the Irpin attack. Last week we published that the Russian military has invaded Irpin city and now this case is one of the results of that military operation performed by the Russian army. According to the reports, Serhiy Perebyinis was a married man but after the recent military operation performed by Russians he turned out to be a widower as his wife and children have died, to learn how it happened please go down the page and read down the sections of this article and this article will also let you know about his wife and children who have been died in Irpin. Follow More Update On Princekallz.com

Who Is Serhiy Perebyinis?

Since this news has been surfaced on the internet it has gained all the eyeballs throughout social media as people are feeling bad for the man as his family left him alone. As per the record, Serhiy was the father of two children and husband of his spouse but they were killed on Sunday by guns fire while trying to flee the town of Irpin through a damaged bridge. And the most painful thing is Serhiy was not there with his family at that moment to protect and guide them while fleeing the town of Irpin.


Serhiy Perebyinis Wife and Kids Death Photos

Reports claimed that Serhiy Perebyinis got the news of his wife and children’s death via social media, hours after their death he found pictures of his spouse and children on Twitter that must have been torn his heart into pieces. Serhiy accepted in an interview with New York Times that the images are being shown on Twitter are his wife and children’s corpses’ images he also said that he cross-checked the images and also identified their belongings and luggage scattered all around.

How did Serhiy Perebyinis wife and kids die?

According to the reports, Serhiy Perebyinis was married to his wife named Tetiana Perebyinis, and the couple was blessed with two children their names were Alisa and Mykyta. Mykyta was the eldest child of the couple who was 18 years old boy and Alisa was the daughter of Serhiy Perebyinis, and Alisa was just 9 years of age at that moment. The family, unfortunately, could not escape the town of Irpin city and got killed by merciless Russians. Keep visiting our web page for more information and read other world news here at one place.