Let’s find out about Emily Watson, who is the new girlfriend of Shake Chatterjee after splitting with Deepti Vempati.

Abhishek Shake Chatterjee is one of the participants in the second season of Netflix’s Love Is Blind.

The show, known for forcing contestants to communicate to their possible partners behind a barrier, promises to assist consenting participants in finding love.

Shake currently owns VETcetera LLC, a company dedicated to keeping animal health professionals on the cutting edge of patient care.

Who Is Shake Chatterjee’s New Girlfriend Emily Watson?

Emily Watson is Shake Chatterjee’s new girlfriend.

We’re guessing Emily Watson hasn’t seen a single episode of Love Is Blind Season 2.

On Thursday, the arrogant Netflix celebrity released a carousel of photographs depicting his new blonde sweetheart on Instagram.

Shake went on to get his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine with a specialization in Companion and Exotic Animal Surgery. 

Shake and Deepti first became friends since they were both of Indian heritage and had previously exclusively dated white people.

Chatterjee initially refused to apologize for his brutality after Season 2 ended but later apologized to Deepti after receiving a barrage of social media outrage.

The reason behind the split of Shake and Deepti is yet to be revealed detailly on the internet.

Shake Chatterjee has not disclosed his net worth in the year 2022.

We are not sure how much money Shake earns per month and year. Chatterjee has remained silent when it comes to revealing his earnings.

We can assume that Shake has a net worth of around a million-dollar and living a happy life.

Find Shake Chatterjee On Instagram

Shake Chatterjee has registered his Instagram account under the username @thepuppydoc.

Shake has a verified account with more than 170k followers and posted 211 posts on Instagram as of March 18, 2022.