Jacob Oulanyah had a wife named Winnie Amoo Okot, with whom he separated in 2016. 

President Yoweri Museveni has confirmed the news of Jacob Oulanyah’s death recently. He was hospitalized for the last few days because of his ill health and received treatment in Seattle. 

As we pay tribute to the Speaker of the 11th Parliament of Uganda, let’s look back at his personal life. 


Who Is Speaker Jacob Oulanyah Wife?

Speaker Jacob Oulanyah was married to his wife Winnie Amoo Okot until 2016. The pair separated after years of fighting in court to get a divorce. 

Their love story is not much known, but their separation became a huge controversy. The one to file for divorce was Jacon claiming that his spouse was subjecting him to emotional distress and cruelty. 

He also added that she prefers to live in the US rather than in Uganda. And, it would be an expensive detour for him to go back and forth to the US from Uganda to see his family. 

On the contrary, his partner argued that he was committing adultery outside their marriage and slept with their then housemaid. However, after many court sessions and battles, they separated. 

Okot went to the US with her daughters and is currently married to a white man with whom she has started a family of her own. On the other hand, the parliament member did not get married until his death in 2022. 

Who Is Jacob Oulanyah Family?

Jacob Oulanyah’s family was his wife and children. However, after separation from his wife, it was rumored that he became estranged from his children as well.

He was born to Nathan L’okori and Karen Atwon. His parent’s whereabouts are not known at present. Moreover, there is no information about him having any siblings either.

Learn About Children Of The Parliament Member, Jacob Oulanyah

Jacob Oulanyah had two daughters from his wife. However, he did not get their custody when he separated from his wife. However, he was permitted to visit the children with advance notice.

He was ordered to pay a $690 monthly maintenance charge for the children who reside with their mother in San Diego, California, USA. However, his ex-wife had revealed that he had stopped looking after his daughters following the divorce settlement, as per NBS television

He has not any other children except for his two daughters.