There has been a bizarre case of an archer naming Svetlana Gomboeva who has fainted because of a heat stroke that he suffered from in Tokyo during a qualifying round in the Olympics which happened on Friday 23rd July, It was seen that the staff and the coaches were huddling under the trees to avoid the sun, she seemed to be reviewing her final result as she fainted due to the scorching heat and was immediately assisted by the teammates and the staff who ran to apply ice bags to keep her cool.

Who is Svetlana Gomboeva?

She is 23 years old and is representing Russia in the Olympics, she holds the rank of world number 13 when it comes to Women’s archery which is being stated on the World Archery website, she was also the part of the Youth Championship in the year 2017 and she won silver at the time, she has also been the part of the teams that have won 2 gold medals and if we talk about this year, she won the gold medal in the individual event when it comes to the world cup.

As the games are going to be held, Covid-19 cases are also continuing to rise and this has led to many of the athletes pulling out from the event and also Tokyo is facing a triple health threat, the games for the summer were pretty close to being canceled but it seems like that it was a decision that has been taken after considering many things and the opening ceremony happened on 23rd July on Friday.

Timing Of The Events

The games that are going to be held in the hot summer in Tokyo are going to be concluded on 8th August and it seems like that there are a lot of events that are going to be happening on the 14th day, there are going to be 33 competitions and about 339 events that are going to be happening for this year and this is going to break all of the records as this is going to be the hottest summer games as it seems like that the temperature is going to reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

When we talk about the archery dome the temperature seems to rise to 33 degrees Celcius which are going to be the opening day of the competition, it seems like that the athletes were facing issues when it comes to the remaining cool.

The athlete Gomboeva immediately gained consciousness after fainting and was carried out from the arena as he was out on a stretcher by the medical staff.