Who is Tammel Esco? Arrested for Hate Crime Attempted Murder Video Viral On Twitter – Age, Instagram, and, more!: A punch video of Asain women is getting viral since it surfaced on the web. This is the crime that is completely against Asian Americans that has escalated in New York and it went all over the world since the pandemic hit the world. An NCO who is worldwide based and as per their reports almost 10,000 incidents were on the records from the last two years. Race was the most prevalent basis for discrimination, accounting for 91.5 percent of the 10,905 complaints. Follow More Update On Princekallz.com

Who is Tammel Esco?

So recently, a man has faced charges against him as he had been attempted murder in a “brutal hate crime”, it is against an Asian lady who is in a New York state, as the footage is revealing it. The entire event has been shown that event was showing the victim was pummelling over 100 times.

The suspect is Tammel Esco and he is at the age of 42, as per the confirmed sources he has been arrested on Friday in Yonkers, New York. He made the racial remakes at the Asina lady who is almost at the age of 67. Esco in the footage seen trying to chase a woman inside a building is also seen beating up women almost 125 times.

Tammel Esco Video Leaked On Twitter

Later the officer arrested him and now he is indeed the custody as the preliminary investigation about him is going on. Police from Yonkers have been also confirmed that he arrested the security video from the man door of the building. The victim was trying to enter the lobby’s second door when she was punched on the head from behind and fell to the ground, according to the video.

Tammel Esco Criminal Record

She was hit seven times and he kicked her seven times, beaten 125 times, and spat on her seven times. The identity of the lady is still unknown and there isn’t any update or her bio on the web yet, Her identity is still confidential.

The lady has been facing a facial bone injury as well as a cerebral hemorrhage. As per the officials, he was indulged in the racial insult of the woman. Tammel Esco was apprehended and charged with an assortment of offenses including hate crimes, assault, and attempted murder. His mugshots have yet to be terminated to the public.

Tammel Esco: Age, Wife, Wife, Instagram

He is at the age of 42 and is arrested for the charge of accusing a lady at the building. The investigation of the case is still going on.