Tee Millian was a rapper known for the hook he sang in his single, Wanna be a baller in 1999, but he has passed away.

Tee Millian is a known name in the Hip-hop world and is known for his hooks and powerful raps in his songs. He has collaborated with various artists as well as released several solo projects like Power Move and Million Dollar Hooks albums.

He was going to collaborate with Lilโ€™ Flip and make new music and albums with him, but, he couldn’t as he passed away due to a heart attack.

What Happened To Tee Millian? Rapper Shot Or Killed

Tee Millian is believed to have suffered from a heart attack that claimed his life. He died at a hospital in Houston, and his death was declared by the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences spokeswoman Tricia Bentley.

The death of the rapper shook the Hip-hop world, and people were shocked and couldn’t fathom that he had died. Many rappers and people who knew him gave their condolence to his family and expressed how sad and broken they were due to his death news.

Tee Millian was known as Million Dollar Hook Man name was frequently featured in releases by others. Similarly, he is known for his work on Big H.A.W.K.’s Chillin With My Broad and Lil’ Flip’s Why Them Hataz Still Mad.

He alsoย revealedย that he was able to sell 15,000 copies of his first album by just word of mouth in Houston and he has helped and offered his talents to the new artists.

How did Tee Millian died? Rapper Death News On Twitter

Tee Millian was believed to have died from a heart attack, and his death news had been trending on Twitter. On hearing his death news many people thought whether he was shot or killed but it was due to natural death.


His wife spoke about how he collapsed in the car that he was driving just a few seconds after waking her up and how he just saved his family from a car accident.

Worldstarhiphop Tee Millian Real Name Explored

The real name of the world star hip-hop Tee Millian is Terence Prejean and he was 52 years old at the time of his death.ย 

The rapper was known as Million Dollar Hook Man, and he got this name by the hook he sang on Lil Troy’s hit song, Wanna be a baller.

Many people knew him through his songs and had collaborated with various artists.,