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  1. Who Is Tyler Healey?

  2. Tyler Healey: Burlington MA Attempted Kidnapping Suspect Arrested

  3. Tyler Healey Age: How Old Is He?

Tyler Healey has been arrested from Burlington, MA, for attempted kidnapping as the nearby person from the scene called 911.

It was around a quarter past 8 pm on Sunday when a person called 911 and reported an assault.

The man saw a woman being dragged away in the street and reported the attempted kidnapping to the police.

As soon as the kidnapper knew about the call, he tried to flee the scene but was later identified from the surveillance camera and detained by the authorities.

The suspect identified as Tyler Healey was immediately brought to the police department from where he is reported to be taken to court eventually.

Here is everything available to know about the man.

Who Is Tyler Healey?

Tyler Healey is a young American man who was recently caught by the police for attempted kidnapping.

After the detention, police further disclosed that Healey had ties in Burlington but he also spent his time in Waltham and Newton.

There is no exact information about his family place and his place of residence at the moment.

Even after the police got their hands on the man, they have tried to keep privacy regarding personal matters of Tyler and thus, nothing much about him is known.

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Tyler Healey: Burlington MA Attempted Kidnapping Suspect Arrested

Tyler Healey is recognized as the suspect behind the Burlington MA attempted kidnapping.

The incident took place on Sunday on May 8  when Healey was seen dragging a 37-year-old woman in the street.

A bypasser saw it and reported it to the police.

As found from the captured footage, the police have reported that the man touched the woman indecently and also removed her shirt.

With these details, charges related to attempted sexual assault and other incidents have also been placed on Tyler.

As a result, the suspect will be going through multiple counts of assault and criminal acts in court.

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Tyler Healey Age: How Old Is He?

The arrested suspect Tyler Healey is 23 years old.

The authorities have revealed the man to be at the age of 23 in their official records and disclosing.

So, it is pretty much clear that Healey is in his early twenties although his actual date of birth is unknown.

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