Who Is Tyreke Walker From Alabama? On Saturday, the teen boy, who was swept away by rough water at Alabama Beach, parents appealed for help.

Tyreke Walker is a 14-year-old school student who has just finished eighth grade. He is a loving student from McKinley Middle School.

As per multiple sources, Tyreke was celebrating his birthday when he was swept away by the rough waters at Alabama Beach. The celebration turned into a nightmare for Walker’s family.

According to the reports from People, Tyreke and his family appealed for help near the police station. The news has been shared on many tabloids and netizens on Twitter praying for Walker’s family. The search for the missing boy Tyreke is still ongoing. 

The parents of Tyreke, Clint Walker (father) and Canhtam Nguyen (mother) just wanted their son to return. 


Who Is Teenage Boy Tyreke Walker Of Baton Rogue?

Tyreke Walker, aged 14, of Baton Rouge, is a student. He was pulled away by the strong water wave on Saturday. 

Further, Tyreke has been missing for a week now, and still, there is no sign of his whereabouts. Although the investigation is ongoing, his family is waiting for a miracle.

The boy Tyreke was in Orange beach celebrating his birthday with his parents and siblings. He has an older sister and a younger brother. According to WAFB, Tyreke went with his dad to swim. His father, Clint, tried his best to seek Tyreke in the strong wave but failed to bring it back.

Tyreke Walker’s Parents Appealed For Help On Facebook

The family and parents of Tyreke asked for help via Facebook. Also, the Go Fund Me page was created by the organizer named Kimmy Basile. During this tough time, the family required a heavy amount to look after Tyreke, and on the top, the parents are out of work at this challenging time.  

So far, the Go Fund Me page has collected $32,330 out of the $3,000 goal. We can see tons of posts on Facebook under Tyreke’s name.

Tyreke Walker Missing Case Update: Was He Found Or Not?

The investigation of Tyreke Walker began in Orange Beach on Wednesday. Tyreke Walker is nowhere to be found. 

The search for a missing 14-year-old swimmer is ongoing. However, a good Samaritan came forward and explained who dove into rough waters trying to save him.

The mystery man or a good soul Cody Russell is from Lousiana, who jumped without thinking about his life and put it at risk. With the strong wave, Cody won’t be able to bring Tyreke back. However, his parents hugged Cody with teary eyes. Indeed, he was a brave man. 

The devastated family of Tyreke hasn’t lost their hope. They will stay there until their son is back. 

The Walker family last saw Tyreke’s face on Saturday. He was with his dad on the sea to surf but never returned.