NBA: Tyrese Haliburton and his girlfriend are head over heels for each other. Become more familiar with a player and his love life. 

Best known as a shooting guard, Tyrese plays for the team Sacramento Kings. His knack for basketball has got acknowledged by everyone, including his team members.

Haliburton has not only impressed his fans by his terrific performance in the game, but he also cares and loves his fans.

Not long ago, he also got involved in the free Fan Fest held by the Kings. With him having such a wonderful personality as a famous player, his admirers are interested in his relationship.

Tyrese and Jade, as a couple, have been the huge breakthrough on social media lately.

NBA: Who Is Tyrese Haliburton Girlfriend Jade Jones?

As a professional athlete, Tyrese was already popular among NBA fans. However, with him dating his girlfriend, Jade Jones, the pair has been viral all over the internet.

They are known for being the perfect heavenly match with whom their followers were admiring. With this, Jade has also become famous over social media.

Regardless of the popularity, not many details are available about Jade. Although, she is known to be a cheerleader and has performed in different games.

Nevertheless, Tyrese keeps on posting his pictures with Jade on his Instagram.

Who Are Jade Jones Parents?

Jade appears to be a very charismatic person. At the same time, she is also a private person who likes to remain low-key in her personal matter.

We are not sure about the details of her parents. However, looking at her, she seems to have grown into a loving and supportive family.

Moreover, she looks like she is from a white ethnic background and is an American citizen.

Jade Jones Dating Life Explored

Jade is dating the famous NBA player Tyrese Haliburton. He has got the name of the 2021 NBA All-Rookie First Team.

However, if looked into Tyrese’s love life, he is always committed towards his girlfriend Jade. Besides her, there is no news of him dating any other person.

Also, the same goes with Jade; only the details about her having a relationship with him are available.

Furthermore, the couple seems like they have been dating for a long time now and are deeply into each other.

Jade Jones Net Worth Discovered

Jade seems to be a very private person. She has kept all her details concealed.

Moreover, her social media contains pictures of her modeling and having time with her friends and boyfriend.

Despite all that, she is known for being a cheerleader. So, for now, the information of her net worth remains pretty vague and unsure.,