Usman Mirza is a convict who was given a life sentence following a couple-harassment case in Islamabad. Watch the viral video on Dailymotion. Everything to know about the assault and case update. 

Career criminal Usman Mirza along with his 4 accomplices will now serve prison for life as per the Islamabad Court sessions today. Eight people were among the prime suspects of the case that saw harassment and blackmail against a couple.

After a long review of the case, five of them were given a life sentence, and that too, without the victim having to testify. More details to follow soon.

Who Is Usman Mirza? Watch The Viral Couple Video Islamabad On DailyMotion

Usman Mirza is a Pakistani convicted criminal who is set to serve a life sentence.

Moreover, he harassed an Islamabad couple and filmed them while forcing them to be sexual. Then, the convict used the video to blackmail them. As per reports, he extracted more than Rs. 13 lakhs from the couple.

The viral Islamabad couple video and the news has been circulating on Twitter and Dailymotion. However, there is no exposure of people in the video.

The authorities, however, do have the video evidence which was enough to conclude the case. Neither of the victims was in court to testify as they didn’t have to.

Usman Mirza Wikipedia And Age: Assualt And Case Update

Usman Mirza doesn’t have a Wikipedia bio but he is infamous across the world for his deeds.

The convict, along with his seven accomplices sexually assaulted and harrased a couple and extrcaed money by blackimailing them. It went for a long time until the couple contacted authorities.

As of now, five of those accused including Usman Mirza have been given a life imprisonment. And all of them have been fined with Rs. 200,000. Also, their sentence will be increased by six months if they fail to provide the money.

Usman Mirza Wife And Family: Does He Have Any Children?

Usman Mirza’s family details have not been revealed until now.

According to several reports on Twitter and Reddit, the convict is a married man. However, no information regarding his wife and children is available for the time being.

Following the verdict on assault case, millions of Pakistanis have applauded the country’s justice system. The fact that the convict was punished solely on evidence without vicitm’s testimony proves the strictness of the system.,