Who Is Widiana Bourdeau, Video robot photos leaked on YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and, Instagram: Recently, Widiana Bourdeau’s video has become viral on the internet. If you are aware of social media, watch every single news closely then you probably heard the news of payment suspension in Russia. The situation in Russia was getting worse and worse. By looking at this situation, big companies like Google and YouTube have decided to suspend all payment-based services in Russia including subscriptions. Western sanctions begin to challenge the country’s banks. Follow More Update On Princekallz.com

Who Is Widiana Bourdeau?

Recently, Google and YouTube have stopped selling ads in Russia following similar suspensions by Twitter Inc and Snap Inc in Ukraine following the Moscow invasion. As of now, we are now extending this suspension to all of our monetization features, including YouTube Premium channel memberships, Super Chat, and merchandise for Russian audiences, YouTube said in a statement on Thursday.

Widiana Bourdeau Video robot photos leaked

Those YouTube channels that are based in Russia will still generate revenue and viewers who are outside Russia will still watch the video. Those who are active on the YouTube channel, those who are bloggers who made living from these big platforms are now in worry and they need to find other options to get a good source of income. Otherwise, if they stick to this, then it will be more dangerous for them and for their family. The situation does not become normal until both countries will settle down their circumstances.


Widiana Bourdeau Video Explained

People who made their channels on YouTube, still get revenue through YouTube Premium, channel memberships, Super Chat, and their merchandise for Russian audiences. The shipping of goods and services has stopped. The goods which come from other countries have posted some restrictions which normal people have to face some delay and didn’t get easily on time. If you ordered it, the package will not deliver to your doorstep then you face difficulty.


Free apps on Google Play will still be accessible and available in Russia according to the company site. Russia’s situations have an impact on the whole world like Stock Market where people have faced many losses and their profit margin was declined.  Many investors have faced the loss and now all their money is invested in the gold. Google was trying to use their services as much as possible without facing any issues but the situation between Russia and Ukraine will not allow that. Amazon also faced some issues while delivering the product and people products were not able to reach on time.