Who Is Zijad Balic? Arrested and Charges, What Happened?



Zijad Balic is a Hamtramck man who was arrested and got multiple charges.  

A man from Hamtramck has been charged with intimidating a judge. There are several cases we come across in our daily lives, here is one, which made the headlines.

Some cases are unique and come to us as a surprise. Zijad Balic had done something that made his case a subject of interest to the readers and the nation. Below is the detail. 


Who Is Zijad Balic? Arrested and Charges, What Happened?

According to the report, Zijad Balic, then a 41-year-old man, sent a text message to another individual threatening to kill Hamtramck Judge Alexis Krot.

Prosecutors then said, he was accused of threatening a judge in the Detroit region who was presiding over his assault case. 

Having the bail amount set at $150,000, he was accused of threatening terrorism, obstructing justice, escaping and eluding, and making malicious use of communication devices.

Krot stated he was in charge of a criminal case against Zijad, who was accused of a heavy attack, assault, and battery. Krot has since dropped out of the investigation.

Hamtramck police arrested Zijad on July 2. As he tried to flee they had to car chase to get hold of him.

What Is Zijad Balic Age?

Zijad Balic was born on 14 July 1978 in Hamtramck. He is 43 years of age as of April 2022. He came into the headlines when he was 41 years of age and tried to create foul play during his arrest.

He was charged by the Wayne County prosecutor with various allegations. The news release said that he was arrested after a car chase. It was indeed a dramatic situation.

More on Zijad Balic – Wikipedia And Twitter Bio

Zijad Balic does not have his Wikipedia page. Searching on Twitter we can find people sharing news about him. He had threatened the judge with a text message.

The incident happened in July of the year 2020. He had enough courage to threaten the judge and tried to flee arrest as per the prosecutors and based on many articles.