Who Killed Him? More On Ethan Liming Murder Suspect



Who Killed Him? More On Ethan Liming Murder Suspect

Ethan Liming has been honored with a multitude of obituaries after the news of his death hit the public. 

Akron, Ohio, has faced a sad day as a notable student, Ethan Liming, at Akron Public Schools, was beaten to death on Thursday night.

His death shocked the school and community as he was a bright student-athlete. Ethan’s critical death marks the 16th homicide in Akron in 2022 and the fourth student in the Akron Public Schools district to die since May 23, per Akron Beacon Journal.

Ethan Liming Death And Obituary- What Happened To Firestone Student?

Ethan Liming faced death at a young age due to a fight, while Firestone High School has tributed him with an obituary through social media.

The school has called for a baseball tournament in the loving memory of the young Ethan. He was a member of the Firestone baseball and football teams.

The school has organized a peaceful candlelight vigil planned from 8 to 9:30 p.m. on Friday at its baseball field. Fox8 confirms that more than 100 people attended the vigil and comforted each other for the loss.

The late Ethan was discovered beaten to death at about 10:45 p.m. in a parking lot near the basketball court at the I Promise School.

He was with a group of friends and later became involved in a physical altercation with three other young males who were playing basketball at the school premises.

In the meantime, Ethan was knocked unconscious and “brutally assaulted” while his friends rushed home and had called 911.

Who Killed Him? More On Ethan Liming Murder Suspect

Ethan Liming’s sad death has called for wide media attention to the nature of his death though less information is shared about the suspects.

The late Ethan was a 17-year-old teen hanging out with friends of the same age. The group then started fighting with three other males around the same.

Given the nature of the case, the concerned authority has asked the public for full support in the investigations. As the case involves minors and students, legal proceedings have not released the suspects’ identities yet.

Moreover, Ethan’s passing away is cited to be an accidental murder in the heat of the fight.

GoFundMe Help For Ethan Liming Family

Ethan Liming’s GoFundMe page has been started by Stan Foraker, who aims to collect about $15,000 to help the Liming family in such dark days.

The fund page has already collected more than $10,000 in fifteen hours as more and more people have become aware of Ethan’s passing away.

Social media have filled with the news of his death, and netizens are honoring him with obituaries.

Meanwhile, the Liming family has maintained their silence and is mourning their loss in private.


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