Who was Bobby Nalzaro and what was his cause of death? Veteran Cebu broadcaster dead: Death is unpredictable. Nobody knows when it comes. Everyone wants to stay alive, no one wants to face the fear of death. But it’s the nature of law. And we can’t do anything about it. Everyone has to die. It’s a fact. God has made this universe and created this environment. We can’t go against nature. The same thing happened in Pablito Galezo Nalzaro’s life. A tough and manly guy who serves his country as a Broadcaster has recently passed away. He died at the age of 58. Many were shocked after hearing this news, especially his family. They can’t swallow this truth. Follow More Update On Princekallz.com

Who was Bobby Nalzaro?

His sudden passing has sparked the social media users to say goodbye last time and give their prayers and best wishes to him as well as his family. Those who are fans of him and loved him are now sending their condolences to him. His family is now in mourn situation and crying all the time. Some of his fans commented on his social media account that we couldn’t get any chance to meet him and clicked the photo with him. They are waiting for the moment at least to take a picture with him.

Bobby Nalzaro Death Cause

Pablito Galeza was a Filipino Broadcaster, radio commentator, and also a columnist. He is one of the Trimedia figures in Cebu. You must be wondering what’s death caused him.  Many people are curious to know how did he die. And it’s bound to happen. Honestly speaking, we also don’t know what’s his death caused. As the investigation is going on and waiting for the post mortem reports. If any update came out in his death cause then we will update this article and provide you the information as quickly as possible. Till then you have to keep patience.

How did Bobby Nalzaro die?

He was born in August 11, 1963 in Dipolog, Zamboanga Norte. And died in Cebu City on March 17, 2022. He left at the age of 58. He has some unique talents, dedication, and hard work towards his work. He spoke many languages and know how to speak native in different regions of the world. Also, he was the most popular RJ and broadcaster in Phillippines. He started his career at the age of 16 as a broadcaster. And in 1980, he started working at Radio DXRZ in Zamboanga City where he was doing the job of radio commentator and a presenter as well.