Lt-Col Fezul Bichikaev is the 39th Russian colonel to be killed in Ukraine.

Following the death of Lt . Colonel Alexander Blinov, the Russian army suffered significant casualties with the death of 39th colonel Fezul Bichikaev. The officials have confirmed the death news of Fezul Bichikaev on Monday.
Lt-Col Fezul Bichikaev was a strong military soldier. He was on an undercover intelligence operation.
According to Russian media, Fezul Bichikaev fought bravely .He was murdered near Kharkiv “with a machine gun in his hands shielding his subordinates.”

What was the cause of his death?

The cause of his death was revealed by online sources ‘the leader is injured,’ nevertheless he allegedly ordered his men: ‘It’s just a scratch!’ Continue your efforts!

‘Thanks to the self-sacrifice and heroism of the officer, it was possible to save the lives of servicemen, destroy the enemy’s sabotage group, and complete the combat mission,’stated military analyst Oleg Marzoev.

The death of a young Russian colonel seemed ‘a heavy, irreparable loss’, concluded by a senior officer of the Russian Army.
The devastating news of Bichikaev’s death broke out following the death of Lt-Col Fyodor Solovyov in the Donbas. He commanded the 127 motorized rifle division’s howitzer self-propelled artillery regiment.
Near Chunaki hamlet, Penza province, he was cremated with military honours.
Another Lt-Col Eduard Dmitriev was assassinated, according to reports.
According to available figures, nine generals and 38 colonels have been killed since the war began, while Russia has not disclosed overall casualties.
According to reports, the US has supplied intelligence to Ukraine in order to assist high-ranking leaders, therefore weakening confidence in the Russian military.
The Russian armed forces revealed the total number of deaths during the rehearsal in Moscow’s vast military parade on Red Square.
After so many deaths, the Russian army is not giving up on the war.
Putin is holding his annual Victory Day parade in Moscow on May 9, honouring the conclusion of World War II.

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