Who was Gary Gaspar and what was his cause of death? Interstate Office Products CEO dead at 56



Who was Gary Gaspar and what was his cause of death? Interstate Office Products CEO dead at 56: One another death news of a prominent face has been reported. The name of the deceased is Gary Gaspar who was the CEO of family-owned Interstate Office Products and board chair of Avera Health passed away on Tuesday. He took his last breath at the age of 56 years old. He was the native of Sioux Falls and raised Interstate Office Products to a team of 40 individuals delivering office designs and furnishings countrywide and in the country of Canada. Ever since his death news surfaced online, people are expressing their mourning and shared condolences messages to his family. Follow More Update On Princekallz.com

Who was Gary Gaspar?

One of the closest friends of Gaspar, Avera executive Dick Molseed said that “If you break down the Golden Rule, that is exactly how he did it. He watched it as being true to who he was and his beliefs, and he would not do anything inconsistent with those things.” Under the leadership of Gaspar, his wife and CFO, Theresa, and his sister and co-owner, Sheila Casiello, Interstate Office Products have had a hand in the workplaces of tens of thousands of workers in Sioux Falls, from coast to coast and into Canada.


Since its establishment, the firm has been a Steelcase dealer, a directing manufacturer of furniture for offices, classrooms, and hospitals. Interstate Office Products has been honored every year by Steelcase as a Premier Partner, dating back to when the program was implemented more than a decade ago. The honor recognizes market leadership, customer satisfaction, and community impact.

Gary Gaspar Death Cause

Close friend Michael Bender stated that “He was brilliant. I do not think people realize how flourishing that business is on a national level within Steelcase. They’re a superstar, and to do it in this small market, they’re just a superstar organization.” The parents of Gaspar, LaVonne, and Ken, were among the original partners in the business, which was discovered in the year 1971.

In the mid-1990s, Theresa and Gary came back from the Twin Cities, where they held corporate finance roles, to grow up their sons in Sioux Falls. “All I could think of was, wow, I am jumping out of a building sans a parachute. It felt like as big of a risk to me as it did to my parents when they began the company,” Gaspar stated in this piece last year marking Interstate Office Products’ 50th anniversary.

“Once your exit corporate America, it is hard to get back on the track. You better make it work because you are probably not going back.”