Who was Kenneth Drury and what was his cause of death?: The Flying Squad which was previously known with several titles such as The Heist Squad  SC&O7, The Sweeney, Specialized Crime Bureau 7, and SO7 is a Metropolitan Police division of London’s Serious Organized Crime Command and the motive of the unit is to look into a robbery case. Kindly read down the sections of this writing as we have mentioned everything which is imperative to learn about this headline and find out what happened with Kenneth Drury and where is he now? All these questions will be answered in the below-placed paragraphs. Follow More Update On Princekallz.com

Who was Kenneth Drury?

The aforementioned squad was an experiment of Frederick Wensley who is a Detective Chief Inspector and he formed a team of 12 detectives that was dispatched in 1919 in the month of October to Scotland Yard. This experiment was prior known as the Mobile Patrol Experiment and this unit was asked to collect information of pickpockets, robbers, and thieves using a hidden hole wagon in the screen. In 1920, Nevil Macready formally reorganized it who was the Commissioner and detective inspector Walter Hambrook led the squad of 12 detectives including Jeremiah Lynch who was an Irish detective(1888-1953) he was better known for hunting German spies and agents at the time of war. Kindly read down the further section to explore more about this subject.

How did Kenneth Drury die?

The Mobile Patrol Experiment has the authority to operate as they desire in the District of Metropolitan Police which means its detectives are required to examine the division and eventually it got the name of The Flying Squad as it operates within limited boundaries of London without overstepping Divisional Police District confines. In the 1920s the Flying Squad was expanded and standardized as the total number of 40 detectives were added to the squad after the retirement of Fred Nutty Sharpe who was the Cheif of Detective Inspectors. in 1956 the unit made a recorded arrest of 1000 in a year for the first time.

Kenneth Drury Cause of Death

In 1978 the unit was renamed the Central Heist Squad and till 1981 it was called Central Heist Squad but the squad is still called The Flying Squad. In 1977 on 7th July a series of scandals were revealed including corruption and bribery in which Kenneth Drury was found guilty who was Detective Cheif Superintendent at that time, for being involved in five corruption cases he was sentenced to jail to serve for 8 years. Along with Kenneth Drury, there were 12 other detectives who were convicted and fired. Stay tuned with us.