Who was Kidlat de Guia, son of Kidlat Tahimik and what was his cause of death?: Artist Kidlat de Guia, Son of Kidlat Tahimik has died at 43, here is all information in detail: Manila, Phillippines- Visual artist and photographer Kidlat de Guia, son of national artist Kidlat Tahimik and cultural activist Katrin de Guia has been passed away on Wednesday, 9 March 2022. This news has been confirmed by his brother Kawayan de Guia confirmed in a Facebook post. Follow More Update On Princekallz.com

Who was Kidlat de Guia, son of Kidlat Tahimik?

Filmmaker and visual artist kidlet de Guia an emerging movie director best known for his artworks has died in Madrid Spain on Wednesday. He was just 43 years old. He was also known for his unique and evocative weaving of photography and other visual arts forms. At the time of his death, de Guia was working on the completion of his documentary under the auspices of the Film Development Council of Phillippines and the building of a cinema center in Baguio.


Kidlat de Guia, son of Kidlat Tahimik Death Cause

Kidlat de Guia died on Wednesday and the news of his passing has been confirmed by his brother. His brother Kawayan de Guia shared a Facebook post on Thursday in which he revealed the fact about his brother late Kidlat de Guia’s death. In the post of Kidlat de Guia’s brother Kawayan de Guia gave tribute to his brother with these emotional words, ‘To you, my brother, our brother, our friend, our partner in crime, the playful eye, the comfort zone, the bearer of good and bad news, you my friend, you! The backbone, My love, our love, love’.

Kidlat de Guia, son of Kidlat Tahimik Death Cause

Lisa Dino told ABS-CBN News, ‘’ he said, I was shocked and saddened by the sudden passing of Kidlat de Gula. He was a good friend for many years even before I chaired FDCP chairperson. Many social media users also gave tribute to him. Kidlat de Guia is no more, trending on social media. Philliphiand citizens especially giving tribute to him. People are also posting his previous work’s clips on their posts. They are also making short reels, that are fully devoted to him.

You can think, by the dedication of the people for Kidlat de Guia through their post. Netizens are also praying for him. It is also a very hard time for Kidlat de Guia’s family. The reason behind his death has not been cleared yet, it will be released soon by the family soon. And his obituary would be not held now.