Who was Kirill Bichutsky and what was his cause of death?



Who was Kirill Bichutsky and what was his cause of death?: The death rumors of the prominent figure are not a new thing to hear. But these kinds of news surely increase the heartbeat of their fans and loved ones. It is tough to believe on the news what is true or what is false. One such death news of a prestigious photographer is currently making the headlines of the newspapers. Netizens are looking to know that “Did photographer Kirill Bichutsky die of Colonoscopy?” The hearsay of his demise has stupefied his admirers and followers. Bichutsky was a Russian-born American photographer, event organizer, and businessman known for his nightlife photography and parties. Follow More Update On En.news7pm.com

Who was Kirill Bichutsky?

His parties have been so controversial that some are even prohibited in cities across the United States and Canada. Kirill was introduced to nightclubs by a DJ, after which he began taking pictures at parties and nightclubs. He got featured on the Showtime series 3 AM in the year 2015 and the Netflix documentary movie titled “The America Meme” in the year 2018. Now the photographer is again in the news but not because of his nightlife but due to his death.


How did Kirill Bichutsky die?

Kirill Bichutsky recently went through a colonoscopy procedure. He uploaded a photo from the hospital on Instagram and added a caption stating, Watch you on the other side. Many of his admirers and followers commented Rest In Peace and Get Well Soon on the post. Some of the friends of Bichutsky pals have posted obituary and condolences on social media sites.

Kirill Bichutsky Death Cause

Though it is not clear if the Russian-born American photographer has passed away. His family and management team are yet to assert the news of his demise. One of his closest friends and business partner, Rahul Khopkar added that Estee Maria the partner of Bichutsky, and his family have suffered an unconscionable loss, and everyone is taking their time to process the demise