Who was Michael Tangney and what was his cause of death? Beach Police commissioner died: Recently, news came out on the internet that Michael Tangney, a former Long Beach Police Commissioner who served for more than four decades has passed away this Monday morning. The news was confirmed. He died at the age of 66. Michael went from police officer to police commissioner. He worked in the department for 42 years. He didn’t take a rest or take any off on holidays or weekdays. Because he believed that work is worship and serving for my own country is way beyond the work level. Follow More Update On Princekallz.com

Who was Michael Tangney?

Michael Tangney retired in 2020. Not too long. Just 2 years ago. The Long Beach Police Department says that he died because of a heart attack which was natural for 66 years old old man. They take it as casual. He passed away suddenly. No one expected that he died too soon. Even he goes for an astrologist to check his hand to confirm how much I live. The astrologer says you live beyond 90 years which was stunned for him at first.


Also, he was happy so much. He tells this good news to his family where his wife didn’t believe in these types of things. She says judging by your hand to someone who didn’t know anything about life. Death can come at any point in time. No one knows when it will happen. Some will die too soon. Some will die very early. But they die definitely. There is no one who is still alive for more than 100 years. Everybody has gonna die according to her wife.

How did Michael Tangney die?

Besides this, he was also good at making friends. Whenever he met someone in his life or met with some stranger. He treats them like a friend. Without even thinking, he can give anybody to the friend except money. He maintained good relationships in his profession and his personal life. He had a long history with the City of long beach. Once he was a police commissioner and an acting city manager. He handles both the work.

Because some situations have happened in his life where he was to work both. In 2017, the city manager Jack Schnirman was elected Nassau County Comptroller. He was known as a cop and a no-nonsense manager. Some situations have happened in his life where he has to sacrifice it and he has done. He was credited with reducing crime, running a tight financial ship, securing funds for surveillance cameras and police training, and seeing to it.