Who was Milad Rahimi, Police identified the victim of the North Vancouver shooting: This is to inform you that Milad Rahimi has died in a shooting incident, Milad was a most wanted gangster and was on the target list of the police. This news has been affirmed by IHIT Det Cpl Sukhi who is continuously giving updates on this incident, she stated that Milad was known to cops and it is definitely a targeted shooting, we are covering this story with North Vancouver RCMP and our integrated teams. Kindly read down the article till the last word to learn every imperative aspect of this shooting incident, the next sections of this story will also give you information about the incident’s time and place. Follow More Update On Princekallz.com

Who was Milad Rahimi?

According to the sources, the incident in which Milad Rahimi was shot to death happened on 11th March 2022. Since the news of the gangster’s murder has broken out on the internet a sensation has been created on social media and netizens are eager to fetch every important factor of the incident. This shooting incident is creating a buzz on the internet as Milad Rahimi was on the top of the police’s most wanted criminal list and the police department was keen for a long time to get this kind of chance to shoot Milad Rahimi.

Milad Rahimi Death Cause

Milad Rahimi was accused of several felony charges such as brutal kidnapping and he was killed in the parking lot of a supermarket on Friday. On Friday 11th March 2022, a fatal shooting incident was reported outside the North Van supermarket in which the victim of the incident was identified as senior gangster Milad Rahimi. This incident is a matter of around 2:45 PM on Friday when an anonymous gunman shot several fires on him in front of shoppers who were there to buy some grocery items at 333 Seymour Avenue. Kindly read down the following section to get more about this headline.

How did Milad Rahimi die?

Milad and his brother named Mohammad both are senior gangsters affiliated with rival forces in Columbia, both were apprehended last time in 2008 for kidnapping, battery, and robbery charges but they were freed from police custody as police could not present strong evidence against them. Milad Rahimi was 34 years of age at the time when he was shot down to death on 11th March 2022. Police vans were immediately dispatched to the scene after getting a call from North Van Superstore and officers declared him dead at the scene. Stay tuned with us for further development in this case.