A piece of terribly tragic news has made the news, and the entire country (India) is in mourning. Yes, you read that correctly: the saddest news has come from Ukraine, where an Indian student was slain in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The entire nation has been mourning the death of the young student since the news surfaced. After hearing the news, the student’s family is in a state of shock and despair. Our deepest sympathies go out to his family and friends. We have provided some important information regarding the Indian student in this essay.

Who was Naveen Shekharappa?

According to reports, an Indian student was murdered in the fighting between Russia and Ukraine on Tuesday in the city of Kharkiv. Naveen Gyanagoudar Shekharappa, an Indian student, has been recognized. He was from Chalageri, in the Ranebennur Taluk of Karnataka’s Haveri district. He was a 21-year-old medical student at the time. He was a student at Kharkiv National Medical University, where he was studying medicine.

Naveen Shekharappa: Indian killed in Ukraine’s Kharkiv

For his own safety, he was sent to a bunker. He did, however, perish in a missile assault while out shopping. He was coming out of the bunker to buy food from a neighboring store when the tragedy occurred. He spoke with his father before exiting the bunker on Tuesday, it was learned. He notified his father that perhaps 15 to 20 senior students had been evacuated, and that he and his other buddies were waiting for their turn.

Naveen Shekharappa: Indian killed in Ukraine’s Kharkiv

In an interview with a private Kannada news program, one of Naveen’s friends, Srikanth, revealed that nine of the students were in the bunker. Naveen walked out of the bunker about 06:30 a.m. after the night curfew was lifted. He claimed that around 07:58 a.m., Naveen called him and asked him to transfer money to his card. When he called him, some of the people were moved to tears. They told them that Naveen had passed away.

“The authorities have asked us to try to reach the western side by rail,” he continued. Our bunker is about 7-8 kilometers from the train station. Cabs are prohibitively pricey. We’re afraid to go.” When the MEA officer informed Naveen’s family of his death, he stated that he was killed in the shelling while out shopping. Basavaraj Bommai, the Chief Minister, contacted Naveen’s parents to console them. On Tuesday, Naveen Shekharappa passed away. May his spirit find eternal rest.