Why did Calvin Ridley retire? Why did Ridley get suspended? Do the Falcons have to pay Calvin Ridley?

What caused Calvin Ridley to retire?

Calvin Ridley is an American Football wide receiver in the Atlanta Falcons Team. He took a break from American Football due to some mental health issues. Calvin announced this on his Twitter page just last year.

Image credit: The Falcoholic

What caused Calvin to be suspended?

Calvin has been suspended recently due to some inappropriate acts which involved betting on his games. He has been suspended for at least the 2022 season as announced by the National Football League(NFL).

According to the NFL, gambling is highly prohibited since it affects the integrity of the league. The NFL reported that Calvin used his personal device to engage in parlay bets.

Will Calvin still be paid by the Falcons?

The short answer is no. Following Calvin’s suspension, he has forfeited his salary worth $11.1M for the 2022 season. Calvin reacted to this and stated that, he bet a sum of $1,500 and that he never had a gambling problem.

He also added, that he will return and this time, he will be better.


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